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About Banisteriopsis Caapi Resin Extract

Banisteriopsis Caapi Resin Extract is a plant from the Malpighiaceae group of plants. That is found mainly in South America. The plant thanks to its name to John Banister. A 17th-century vicar, and naturalist/botanist. B. Caapi. Is an MAO inhibitor and. In addition to a DMT-containing ingredient such as Chacruna or Mimosa Hostilis. The main ingredient of the holy beverage Ayahuasca. Banisteriopsis Caapi is often called Ayahuasca because of its important function in the drink. There are more than 42 native names for Banisteriopsis Caapi. Including the most common Ayahuasca, Caapi, Yage, and Yaje. The beta-carboline alkaloid in the plant causes DMT not to break down in the stomach. By temporarily inhibiting the enzyme Monoamine Oxidase. DMT-containing plants, therefore, do not work without an MAO inhibitor. However, Mimosa is the only plant that remains active. Even without the use of an inhibitor.

In some native Amazon cultures, shamans make a ceremonial drink of Banisteriopsis Caapi. Without the addition of a DMT-containing ingredient. The effect causes less hallucinations. But with the same spiritual and deep cleansing effects.

Effects of Banisteriopsis Caapi Resin Extract

Since ancient times, shamans use B. Caapi in rituals. To enhance their perception. There is a lot of knowledge and practice needed to use Ayahuasca. So approach with respect for your own safety. You can use this plant on its own. Or adding a second plant with DMT. Banisteriopsis Caapi ensures DMT becomes active. By temporarily disabling the enzymes in the mouth. This process is called monoamine oxidase inhibition.


Use sufficient water to cook the plant(cut or resin). Once cooked, reduce the fire. Some people let it boil for 4 hours. While others choose to let it boil for up to 12 hours. Sometimes you have to add some extra water in between. In any case, make sure the drink always has enough water. To make sure the active substances can dissolve as well as possible. Once the drink is finished. first filter it to remove all remaining little pieces of the plant. Finally, it has to be cooked once more until a drinkable amount is left. If desired, add some vinegar or lemon juice. This causes the active substances to be removed faster.

Banisteriopsis Caapi is available:

  • Cut: 50 grams of cut liana
  • Resin extract: 5 grams of 15x concentrated Banisteriopsis Caapi resin (5 grams of resin extract equals about 75 grams of cut liana)

Banisteriopsis Caapi is also available in 2 complete Ayahuasca Mixes:

Average dose for 1 trip

Dosage may vary between 25 and 150 grams. This depends greatly on the quality, type, and also on the experience and sensitivity of the drinker.

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