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About Psilocybe Gandalfino Magic Truffles

Psilocybe Gandolfino Magic Truffles is a unique magic truffle that was developed and cultivated in a laboratory in the Netherlands especially to boost up the Psilocybin. Even it’s a totally natural product you can compare this fantastic truffle with some of the stronger chemical psychedelics. Named after the great wizard Gandalfino Magic Truffles will let you experience a fantastic and happy trip full of great feelings and lots of laughter.

What is a Psilocybe Gandalfino Magic Truffle?

Magic Truffles are forbidden in Holland so they are not for sale on the internet anymore. Magic Truffles are genetically 99,9% the same as Magic mushrooms but not mushrooms by law so we can still offer Magic Truffles. When we use the spores of the mushroom in a different way something magic will happen. We don’t let the mushrooms grow above the ground but we let them grow underground. The result is a mushroom but with the shape of a truffle. The Gandolfino Magic Truffles contains a lot of psilocybe which produces a powerful hallucinating trip after consuming. The Magic Truffle has exactly the same effects as the Magic Mushroom.

How to use this Magic Truffles


Eat the truffles on an empty stomach. The effects of the Psilocybe Gandalfino Truffles depend on a few things like body weight and when you ate your last meal. The average person starts with 10 grams of fresh Magic Truffles to get a mild trip and It’s better to chew first before swallowing. The truffles will taste a little bit like nuts, if you do not like the taste we recommend combining the truffles with your favorite chocolate bar or mix them with honey.

Drinking mushroom truffle tea

Just boil enough water for 2 cups of tea. Let the boiled water cool down and put the mushroom truffles into the water and let them soak for 20 minutes. Make sure the water is not boiling at the moment you put in the mushroom truffles because too much heat destroys the psilocybe. Place a teabag into the water and make tea like normal. Honey instead of sugar is welcome for a better effect and more natural taste. While or after drinking the tea eat the rest of the soaked mushroom truffles Our experience is drinking truffle tea will start up the trip faster than eating the truffles.

Effect Of Gandolfino Magic Truffles

20 Minutes after taking the Psilocybe Gandalfino Truffle on an empty stomach the effects slowly begin After an hour the effect shall be at its maximum and holds for about 2 hours. After 2 hours the trip will slow down.

Tip! You can slow down the trip a bit by taking vitamin C. Vitamin C tablets are recommended but you can also use orange juice. The trip takes about 4 hours and will produce visual changes. Sounds and other influences can be experienced differently and mostly funny. Especially with good company, long laughing periods are common. More information about using truffles.


1 portion of Psilocybe Gandolfino Magic Truffles is 20 grams of fresh truffles

Dosage fresh Psilocybe Truffle

*Normal trip: 10 grams of fresh truffles
*Strong trip: 20 grams of fresh truffles


Fresh Psilocybe Gandalfino Truffle will arrive in a plastic sealed bag. When you leave the truffles in the sealed bag you can save them in the fridge for a few weeks without them losing any strength. Do not freeze the truffles! When you open the sealed bag you have to consume the truffles as soon as possible. Saving them for a few days in the fridge is not a problem but do not wait too long to use the truffles. Wash the truffles with tap water before using.

When you take the truffles out of the sealed bag and let them dry completely, you can save them for a much longer time. Dried truffles will also increase in strength, this means you will need less weight of truffles for your trip. More information about drying truffles.

Dosage dried Psilocybe Truffle

*Normal trip: 7 grams of dried truffles
*Strong trip: 15 grams of dried truffles

To dry the truffles we recommend our heating mat.


It’s recommended to use the Psilocybe Gandalfino Truffle in good company and in a relaxed environment. For first-time users, it’s recommended to use it with an experienced person. Do not use when under the age of 18 years, pregnant, nursing, psychotic or depressed. Do not use while driving motorized vehicles. Do not use in combination with medication, stimulants, alcohol, or other psychoactive substances. Treat the Magic Truffle with respect and be alert to your environment. Help first-time users to have a great trip.

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