Huautla Mushrooms


Highlights: Introspective Experience, Well suited for Therapeutic Use

Strain Origin: Mexico, Huaulta De Jiminez

Potency: Average

Application: Therapeutic/Medicinal Use

Cap: 50+ mm in diameter,

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Huautla Mushrooms History

Firstly, the Huautla Mushrooms strain has deep roots in Central American Indigenous history. This strain of Psilocybin shrooms has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years by the residents of Huaulta De Jiminez (a village in central Mexico). Also, along with Mazatepec, it was one of the first strains to be introduced to modern western culture in the late 1950s by R Gordon Wasson in his famous LIFE Magazine article “seeking the magic mushroom”.


Furthermore, it is a moderately potent strain that often elicits meaningful spiritual or mystical experiences, along with feelings of peace, relaxation, and deep connection to others and your surroundings. This strain (along with Mazatepec) is the best choice for a therapeutic or medicinal application.


Huautla Mushrooms are typically a medium-sized mushroom with elongated, thin stalks and medium-sized caps which flatten in maturity, often with a dark spot in the center of the cap. This strain’s coloration often appears darker than most other psilocybin shrooms strains due to prolific separation.


Firstly, Huautla Mushrooms are; convex to broadly, convex at maturity, occasionally with an acute umbo. It has a unique color as follows; Dark cinnamon brown maturing to a golden brown. Surface dry lacking remnants of universal veil on cap (spots). Flesh white soon bruising bluish green.

Stem: Huautla Mushrooms are; 75-125 mm in length, yellowish to white. Persistent membranous annulus (ring) from partial veil that becomes dusted with purple-brown spores at maturity.

Spores: Dark purplish brown, subellipsoid on 4-spored basidia


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