Puerto Rico Mushrooms


Highlights: Potent, Beautiful gold coloration, Visual experience

Strain Origin: Puerto Rico, near the town of Canovanas

Potency: Above average

Application: Therapeutic Use, Recreational Use

Cap: 50-100+ mm in diameter,

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About Puerto Rico Mushroom

Firstly, the spores used to start our Puerto Rico Mushrooms culture originated near the town of Canovanas. Located on the Northeast side of the island. Since then the culture has been refined over several generations. And now is one of our healthiest and most potent Psilocybin Shrooms.


Secondly, Puerto Rico Mushrooms reliably elicits feelings of euphoria, love, and connection. To those around you. Along with visual stimulation, deep introspection, and often a quite ‘mystical’ aura.  This makes it a versatile strain, suitable for either therapeutic or recreational use.

Furthermore, the experience elicited by consuming Psilocybin Mushrooms can vary based on several factors. like individual brain chemistry. body size, and even your expectations. Our philosophy, which is substantiated by many experts. Is to start with a small-medium dose (1-2G) and gradually increase as you become more familiar with the experience.



Its visual characteristics consist of medium fruiting bodies with thin, but dense stalks and a beautiful golden cap. Its stems readily bruise a deep azure-blue, indicative of the potency these fruits possess.

Puerto Rico Mushrooms are convex to broadly convex to plane at maturity. Reddish cinnamon brown maturing to golden brown to golden yellow. Surface dry with pronounced and persistent remnants of universal veil on cap (spots). Flesh white soon bruising bluish green.



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